Once you own a beautifully installed and designed yard, the next best thing is to keep it maintained properly. Getting professional maintenance help is a wise decision to stay away from expensive upkeep in the future. We provide reliable services for landscaping maintenance Phoenix, AZ, and maintain and care for your yard while you are busy with your own projects. Our experts will come to you for annual, 
bi-annual, or seasonal inspections and clean-ups according to your requirements. 

We propose several types of maintenance plans that include weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and seasonal landscape maintenance Phoenix wide. Our team loves their work and are technical experts certified in irrigation, sustainable horticultural management, arbor care, turf care, and spray/chemical management. Each individual of our team cares for every facet of your landscape, all year round.

Our Landscape Maintenance Services Include:

Seasonal maintenance
Spring/Fall yard upkeep
Spring/Fall yard upkeep

Lawn Sprinkler System Maintenance

CGL Landscaping team is a certified team of technicians, and Master Irrigation Managers lead a full-service, practical irrigation management strategy system that targets to assess, repair, prevent and plan. Our technicians for landscaping maintenance Phoenix wide will determine the bigger issues with irrigation before issues arise for our customers.. 

In association with teams, CGL practices water conservation programs through strategic water stings and system components. It also works hand in hand with maintenance teams who care for your yard so that the plants are not constantly dehydrated. For example, it preserves large quantities of water by encouraging shrubs to grow naturally and using hand pruning techniques instead of gas-powered trimmers.


From native trees of deserts to introduced species and hybrids, our arbor care proficient team ensures the longevity of your ornamentals. Trees are breathing investments in your yard, and we aim to ensure their health and wellbeing. Our arborists’ team has decades of native arbor care experience of landscaping maintenance Phoenix wide and promises you to provide a plant-specific health care plan designed to improve the health of your trees and shrubs, helping them with the extreme weather.

Our desert trees include many common problems like planting too deep, underwatering, tree borers, grubs, and other rodents, improper pruning, fertilizer shortages, and more are many of the typical problems facing our desert plants. Access to oxygen and macronutrients is needed to survive the biotic and abiotic stresses experienced by plants here in our valley with a proper watering schedule. Call us to schedule a tree health consultation with one of our experts of tree health issues.

At CGL Landscaping, we monitor the health and growth of your landscape, report any problem and offer you ideas on how to improve and keep your yard in the best condition all year long. 

We are regular workers that provide landscape maintenance Phoenix, AZ wide that include repeat customers and recommendations from our past clients. We are proud to refer you to satisfied customers in your vicinity. Our specialists will create a tailored schedule that fits your budget and you. Our Phoenix landscape maintenance program can manage anything relevant to the landscape with comprehensive weekly updates. You can count on us to build an honest and trustworthy relationship and carry the vision of your property to life with your management team.

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