To maximize your home’s curb appeal, keeping clean, lush, green grass can do wonders. CGL Landscaping provides excellent lawn mowing Phoenix residents choose every time for their lawn maintenance program.  Edging should be an integral part of your lawn care routine to produce that manicured look. It is, however, vital that it is done correctly to keep weeds at bay. You don’t want to spoil the esthetic by failing to edge while you spend diligent time planting, mowing, and weeding your lawn. 

We understand the value of caring for your lawn and open spaces all year round. The grass will get tired, dried out, and infested with weeds quickly if not properly cared for. It just requires a prolonged period of warm weather combined with some rainfall and grass that will quickly look rugged and out of balance. Our highly skilled operators at CGL are trained to use the best mowers on the market for your lawn mowing, trimming, and edging. Along with modern grass maintenance equipment and technology, we use battery-operated machinery. We do not scale any work too big or too small. Trimmers and hand tools accomplish the finishing details after our grass cutting service Phoenix services. For larger grass fields like country parks, airfields, and paddocks, a flexible mowing approach is offered by tractors equipped with high capacity mowing decks. This means that our teams can keep your property looking nice, whether big or small, level, angled, lined with trees and shrubbery, or packed with features such as water fountains, monuments, and sculptures.


Orderly Grass Cutting Service in Phoenix

To cut and repair your lawn, we chose the best times of the year.

To keep it for usage, we pick the optimal height to cut your lawn.

Where appropriate, we conduct daily weeding & feeding treatments.

The lawns are aerated for optimum drainage and growth.

We remove moss and thatch

Full turfing and lawn maintenance where possible

To preserve the beautiful lawn, we deliver spring, summer, and seasonal treatments.

Phoenix lawn service has several packages available to satisfy your needs.

When it comes to Phoenix lawn care, it’s important to note that you should never cut your grass more than 1/3 of its original height. This may cause the grass to undergo damage and contribute to discoloration. The optimal height for the grass depends on the variety of grass and the season. Different grass types grow at different heights, and all grass types can be kept longer in summers to conserve water. Higher grass blades also help keep moisture from evaporating easily, helping you to save some cash and yet have a lovely yard.

Lawn Edging Services and Its Benefits

After mowing and weeding are over, it’s time to pay attention to the edges. This includes the slim greenery strip that defines your driveway, pavement, and flowerbeds surrounding it. The edger induces perfectly drawn lines that offer an attractively groomed look to the edges of your lawn. The grass is chopped with a vertical blade that is used around the yard’s boundaries by rolling it. By having the multiple areas of your lawn identified, we will enhance the beauty of your landscape.

Our professionals will protect your lawn and garden bed from weeds by edging away from the grass at the boundary. It also stops the growth of plant roots and invasive grasses. We will build a visual barrier so people won’t walk through the edge areas. The high-quality edge styling can be seen from a distance and beautifully complements your land.

Our professional lawn mowing, trimming, and edging landscapers would be happy to serve you the services for your lawn maintenance in Phoenix.