Our tree climbers are qualified to care for your trees, making just the right cuts to improve tree survival, reduce pathogen risks and keep your trees looking safe, and last long. For all of your trees and shrubs trimming and pruning, we are here for your complete Phoenix tree trimming needs. 

Tree trimming is essential for plant health that focuses on removing dead, dying, diseased branches and branches that rub together or with other branch stubs so that the whole tree continues to grow in a healthy way. Our tree trimming experts in Scottsdale make sure to allow maximum growth for your old and new trees. Widening up the canopy to let light and air filter all through the entire tree allows increased foliage growth while decreasing any risks for diseases. Our experts make sure to remove all suckers and water sprouts from the ground that weaken the wood and steal nutrients from the main tree. Our tree trimming team Phoenix services help to create a strong tree that is able to withstand high winds and winter storms. 

The Best Time to Trim Trees

There is no bad time to remove damaged, dead or unhealthy branches. However, most trees benefit from trimming and pruning in mid to late-winters. This is because, after dormancy, new growth is encouraged as soon as the warm weather begins. Leaves fallen after autumn allow easy identification of branches and limbs that require removal. 

In summers, our professional tree trimming service prunes trees to direct growth by slowing down the development of a tree or branch. The best time for this type of trimming is after the seasonal growth has reached its peak. Removing the leaf surface of plants reduces the amounts of nutrients sent to the roots and the overall growth of the tree.

Our Tree Trimming Techniques

From many ways to improve the health and shape of a tree, the goal is to create a tree with good light and air circulation, effective qualities, and strength. Pruning trees is a dangerous and challenging task and requires appropriate tools and techniques to do the best possible job. Simple pruning, such as cutting lower limbs, can be performed by anybody, but only a certified arborist can do the job well. This is because pruning requires sufficient knowledge of procedures, protection standards, as well as working experience with numerous specialized instruments and species of tree. Therefore, our Phoenix tree trimming specialists are the right individuals to do the job successfully without risking unnecessary harm to both property and the trees.

Our accredited arborists practice the national safety guidelines, and they really care for the safety and health of the trees. Hiring our skilled arborists for tree trimming Scottsdale properties would also be a cost-effective option since they have the experience and skills to prune the trees successfully and lead you to proper tree maintenance. For the aesthetic appeal as well as vegetation growth and wellbeing, we use the following techniques:

Crown Thinning

Crown Raising

Crown Reduction

Crown Cleaning

CGL Landscaping is committed to the wellbeing and beauty of your trees, from large industrial employment to single-family homes. For the quality tree trimming Scottsdale residents trust, give us a call. Our experts are equipped with sharp, high-quality tree trimming tools, which will turn a daunting task into a simple and quick one. Our company is involved in developing a long-lasting relationship with our clients located in Phoenix and winning their confidence year after year for continued operation. To schedule a tree trimming estimate with one of the qualified arborists, please contact us.

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