Landscaping in Chandler, AZ

CGL Landscaping has been providing low-cost landscaping services in Chandler, Arizona, for over 20 years. We are a family-owned and operated business that focuses on customer satisfaction. We provide landscape design, installation, and maintenance services to residential homes as well as commercial properties. When looking for a professional and reliable landscaping contractor in Chandler, AZ, look no further than CGL Landscaping.

Landscape Installation Service

A landscape installation service can be an excellent investment for both your home and the environment. Whether you need help maintaining a small flowerbed or installing new, high-quality sod in a dead lawn, our contractors are here to serve all of your landscaping needs. Let’s take care of that unsightly grass before it takes over!

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Landscape Maintenance Service

Do you find yourself spending hours tending to your lawn, weeding flowerbeds, and watering plants? If so then let our professional landscaping service in Chandler, AZ take care of it for you. We offer a variety of services including: trimming hedges, planting flowers beds or trees as well as weed control and more!

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Landscape Design Service

CGL Landscaping  is the best place to get your lawn and garden looking their absolute finest. Whether you need a new hedge trimmed or just want some advice on what plants would be perfect for the shady area of your yard, these professionals have got it covered!

Commercial Landscaping Service in Chandler, Arizona

CGL Landscaping also offers landscaping services to commercial property owners in Chandler, Arizona. We are experts in the field and know how to keep your property looking its best.

Contact us today for a free quote on a commercial landscaping service! Discounts may apply based on the volume of work, frequency of visits, and other conditions.

Best landscaping company in Chandler, Arizona

CGL Landscaping is one of the best and most trusted landscaping contractors in Chandler, AZ. We have been in business for years, and our company has always made it their priority to meet customer’s needs. We offer a variety of services like landscape designs, installation and maintenance for the most affordable price you will find anywhere else!

CGL Landscaping does not believe that one size fits all when practicing landscaping service. That is why we are proud to say that no two customers get the same exact package deal because there is no one out there who wants or needs exactly what another person wants or needs. CGL Landscaping cares about your property as much as you do which means they want to make sure each individual walks away happy with their experience and satisfied with the final product.

Are you looking for new ways to uplift the outlook of your home or property? You may want to consider residential landscaping. At CGL Landscaping, we provide unlimited options for quality residential landscaping in Chandler, AZ. This includes lawn care services such as mowing and trimming, installing new sod, seeding, and planting. With our residential landscaping service, you will not have to worry about a thing. You can come home to a beautiful lawn and vibrant flowers.

Why Choose CGL Landscaping for residential landscaping? We offer services at competitive rates that won’t break the bank. -Our experts will show up on time, every time. With our service, you’ll never have to worry about having an unkempt garden or barren field again!

Contact us today at (480) 219-0038 for your landscaping needs. We are always available to answer any questions over email or phone call, and we carry all of the necessary liability insurance, so no worries there either!

Residential Landscaping Service in Chandler, Arizona

Landscape Maintenance Service in Chandler, Arizona

Your landscape is susceptible to damage and adverse weather. Installing the right landscape or designing one is not guaranteed to last a lifetime. You will need to call for regular maintenance and repair services. At CGL Landscaping, we dedicate ourselves to providing quality landscape maintenance in Chandler, AZ. This service includes but not limited to;

  • Pruning, trimming, or removing any plants that need attention (if they are too tall or blocking something)
  • Mowing lawns with our high-quality equipment such as zero turn mowers for those big patches of grass
  • Seeding new areas to help fill out empty spots on larger properties
  • Performing seeding and sod installation during fall/winter seasons when temperatures are more favorable for planting success

And much more.

Landscape Design Service in Chandler Arizona

You cannot stress the importance of a beautiful and elegant outdoor space enough. At CGL Landscaping, we are committed and dedicated to ensuring we provide good value to each of our services. We pride ourselves as the leading landscaping contractor for landscape design and construction. You can be certain that we will provide the right landscape the matches your home design and other aesthetics in your outdoor living. 

We provide landscape design services for residential and commercial properties. Whether you are looking to rejuvenate your backyard space or renovating a parking lot, we can help bring your vision to life. We consult with our clients from start to finish to ensure we provide a fulfilling project regarding your preference, taste, landscaping styles, and color options. We will consider this information and any other factors that need to be considered, such as drainage, soil type, and sunlight exposure. 

Once we assess everything, we will present our execution plan by providing sketches and prints of the result. This ensures you know exactly what the final product will look like before construction. When it comes to providing quality services, we emphasize quality and customer satisfaction. We do this by using high-end products. This ensures we offer a lasting landscape with little to no maintenance costs. Call us today at (480) 219-0038 for professional and quality landscaping in Chandler, AZ.

Landscape Installation Service in Chandler, Arizona

The next step is the installation process. This is where we take our drawings and make your vision a reality. We will show up with all necessary equipment, such as machinery or hand tools, to complete the project on time and within budget.

The process typically starts by clearing away weeds, plant matter, and old debris from the site to prepare to construct whatever landscaping service you have hired us for. For instance, if you’ve contracted CGL Landscaping’s landscape installation services, this would be prepping the ground surface before laying down sod, shrubs, or other plants. Next comes leveling out any patches that are too uneven, which can result from frost heaves etc.


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