CGL has been working in the area for more than a decade to provide successful tree removal services Phoenix wide. Whether you are dealing with sunlight blockage, an unsightly, poorly located tree, or one leaving constant debris, we have the manpower and equipment needed to ensure that your unwanted tree is safely and promptly removed without any hazard. We at CGL Landscaping will diagnose the issue and inform you about the next steps if your plants are unhealthy for some reason. It could be best to prune the tree to minimize its weight, mark it for inspection, or remove it from your property. It is much safer to firmly cut down a tree than to wait for it to collapse.

While there are many reasons that you may want experts to cut the tree, many trees have declined due to health issues or because their growing areas have been outgrown. This may not be the case all the time, and there are many other reasons tree removal may be the need. Various warning signs can be detected with an accurate evaluation of your foliage. Let us show you some of the signs that may lead to palm tree removal in Phoenix, even if the tree looks healthy. Only experts with training and experience can find the warning signs before the problem gets serious.


Immediate consideration is required for dangerous trees with structural defects that could cause injuries to persons or destroy property. Our certified arborist will test for defects that are particularly true for destroyed trees. Due to damage, their wood becomes very brittle, and limb breakage can be a serious concern. It can be tricky, even for experienced tree experts, to cut these branches. In this case, in order to get the trees cleared as quickly as possible, we suggest contacting our Phoenix tree removal experts.

In tree removal Phoenix wide, our expert surveyors will look following signs:

Split trunks

Stem dieback

Pest infestations

Fungal growth

Weak forks

Snapped branches

Veteran status

Soil heave and/or cracks

Leaning trunks

Root plate movement

Drought damage

Leaf anomalies

Our professional arborists help to prevent trees from dropping accidentally by detecting these particular problems. When doing risk analyses for insurance purposes, this may be an important consideration. Accident liability will prove to be enormously costly to companies; trust CGL Landscaping professionals to help protect accident avoidance interests.

Other considerations that can help you decide about the removal of a tree include:

Arboricultural surveyors from CGL Landscaping advise that trees be examined once every three years to determine their fitness, protection, and overall quality. At the very least, before or immediately after major hurricanes, trees should be tested to ensure that they do not present any immediate risks to either persons or property. If you are concerned about a tree that poses a dropping risk, we suggest a tree risk assessment.

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