Landscaping in Mesa, AZ

At CGL landscaping, we are one of the professional landscaping companies in Mesa, AZ. We will get you going with your varied landscaping maintenance requirements. We are among the most reputed landscapers that offer you the best services in landscape design. If you are looking for a customized solution to open your indoors to the outdoors, look no further than CGL landscaping. We pride ourselves on quality and professional landscaping in Mesa, AZ. Call us today at (480) 219-0038 for lawn care and maintenance, irrigation, seasonal cleanups, seeding, and fertilization. 

Landscape Installation Service

A landscape installation service can be an excellent investment for both your home and the environment. Whether you need help maintaining a small flowerbed or installing new, high-quality sod in a dead lawn, our contractors are here to serve all of your landscaping needs. Let’s take care of that unsightly grass before it takes over!

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Landscape Maintenance Service

Do you find yourself spending hours tending to your lawn, weeding flowerbeds, and watering plants? If so then let our professional landscaping service in Mesa, AZ take care of it for you. We offer a variety of services including: trimming hedges, planting flowers beds or trees as well as weed control and more!

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Landscape Design Service

CGL Landscaping  is the best place to get your lawn and garden looking their absolute finest. Whether you need a new hedge trimmed or just want some advice on what plants would be perfect for the shady area of your yard, these professionals have got it covered!

Landscape design in Mesa, AZ.

A good landscape is incomplete without smart ideas on its design. We know what we should do with plant selection, oversight, layout, etc. We put our creativity to task and bring out an elegant landscape working on every detail from concept to completion. If you are looking to give your home or landscape a facelift, look no further than CGL Landscaping.

Bed maintenance

Bed maintenance is an all-encompassing term referring to various ways to maintain and keep your landscape in good condition. At CGL Landscaping, our bed maintenance services include weeding, trimming, removal of spent blooms, debris, browning branches and leaves, monitoring, etc. We always suggest our clients keep using these services to ensure a beautiful yard that ranks higher in its curb appeal not just once but throughout the year.

Landscape services in Mesa, AZ.

Landscape clean-up 

CGL Landscaping aims to help you with a more in-depth cleaning focused largely on bed maintenance, edging, raking, seasonal trimming, grass dividing, etc. Since deep-cleaning is an important part of any program for landscape maintenance, performing them one or three times every year is much required to keep landscapes in good shape. 

Hedging and pruning

This is one of the most important tasks to keep your landscape in the best shape. At CGL Landscaping, we know when is the correct time (in the year) to do pruning and hedging to ensure better bloom performance and plant health. We deal with the perfect maintenance of shapes and sizes of plants in your landscape. Our services include the removal of dead limbs for further growth. With the process of hedging, we also shape plants in your landscape into geometric forms and appearances. Overall, we do what’s important for landscape maintenance in Mesa, AZ. 

Irrigation system maintenance

An irrigation system is a vital part of our landscaping maintenance contracts. We realize what it costs not to have water blown out of those lines; freezing water during cold temperatures can also cause severe damage to the system. We closely monitor for repair and adjust plant health in your landscape and see that over or under-watering is being avoided. Are you having issues with your landscape irrigation system or other water features in the landscape? Do not hesitate to call us at (480) 219-0038 for professional installation, repair, and maintenance.

Hardscapes are a creative way of transforming your backyard and landscape into outdoor living. There are numerous ways to do this, including installing arbors, fireplaces, walls, patios, walkways, porches, residential and commercial decking, etc. At CGL Landscaping, we are committed to transforming your home by focusing on every small and big detail. Our expert team of Mesa’s landscapers is the perfect fit for hardscape design and installation. We can transform new or existing landscape properties with stunning and varied lighting products. If you would fancy a lush landscape with amazing lighting, look no further than CGL landscaping.

Hardscape installation & lighting.

Landscape Maintenance Service in Mesa, Arizona

Like any other feature to your outdoors, transforming your backyard requires a lot of work, including maintenance. The landscape has a greater impact on the aesthetic appeal of your home and complements the overall design of your home. If your landscaping is an eyesore, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We offer both residential and commercial landscape maintenance in Mesa, AZ. Call us today for lawn fertilizing, mowing, mulching, pruning, trimming, bed care, irrigation, leaf and debris removal, over-seeding, plantation, etc.

Seasonal landscape maintenance

Maintenance for landscaping is important for spring, summer, fall, or anytime you feel the need. For that long-lasting impact, your landscaping must adapt to the seasonal changes that further add that extra warmth and appeal to your landscape. If you have an upcoming event and want to restore your landscape to its perfect shape, look no further than CGL Landscaping for maintenance and restoration.

Leaf and debris removal in Mesa, AZ.

Leaf removal or mulching on an annual basis not only makes your landscape look visually appealing it can also contribute to several horticultural benefits that include weed minimization, root insulation, water retention, etc. We are among landscaping companies in Mesa, AZ, that help you get rid of leaf build-up throughout the year. It isn’t surprising how many clients now prefer even up to seven sessions of leaf removals to ensure a clean and crisp-looking landscape. Our leaf removal services are customized according to the needs and services of our clients.

Landscape mowing in Mesa, AZ.

Our mowing services include edging, string-trimming, and blowing off for harder surfaces. To achieve the most desired results, none beats CGL Landscaping. We provide a customized solution for each of our client’s landscapes. Whatever your needs are with lush green lawns and landscapes, our team has seen it all. We will do professional landscape mowing to ensure you get the best out of your landscape design. 

Are you looking for a professional landscaping contractor in Mesa, AZ? Perhaps, a team to give your home a complete overhaul with home and landscape design? Look no further than CGL Landscaping. Call us today at (480) 219-0038 for a free quote and service estimate.


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