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Travertine is one of our favourite products to work with. For your homes and companies, CGL Landscaping has a wide variety of Travertine tiles in Phoenix. Travertine tiles, pavement, coping, and different options for stone flooring are included in our collection of 40 different types of Travertine. With multiple color options, we only stock with the finest, hand-picked stone for Travertine pavers in Phoenix. 

While Travertine is referred to as ‘Travertine limestone’ or ‘Travertine marble’, it’s actually neither. It’s a calcareous rock, scientifically formed in mineral springs. In the construction industry today, Travertine has been the most widely used stone. This elegant natural stone is extremely popular with American designers for its flexibility and durability in any setting. Travertine can be used to cover floors and walls, sidewalks and patio areas. Travertine tile Phoenix Az, can also be carved into stairs, water features, and various structures for your desert landscape.


Benefits of Travertine Pavers in Phoenix

Travertine has many functional advantages. It’s easy to repair and maintain, and it’s an excellent option for outdoor pavement, indoor flooring and pool areas because it doesn’t absorb heat.

Usually, Travertine needs relatively little upkeep and can last many, many years. This inexpensive option is budget-friendly and, relative to other stone alternatives, delivers superior qualities.

Travertine is available in a range of colors, including white, cream, grey and coral red. It is distinguished by its strikingly porous shape caused by carbon dioxide bubbling during its development. These pores can be filled to produce a normal or smooth appearance according to your preference.

Choosing Travertine Tiles in Phoenix, Az

The formation of Travertine can differ considerably in texture, colour and design, as with all other natural rocks. For this purpose, to ensure that it suits your needs, we invite our clients to come and evaluate their stone options.

Accessible honed and filled, in tumbled and unfilled finishes, our premium product collection includes:

Benefits of Travertine Pavers in Phoenix

Travertine pavers are a durable and attractive natural stone product that is widely valued because of their strength and exceptional lifespan. You definitely want the outside paving to look fine, but you also want it to be hard-wearing and low maintenance. Travertine wins over cement all the time when it comes to toughness. Travertine is also less vulnerable to cracking.

When it comes to travertine pavers, Phoenix homeowners love them because they are much cooler underfoot than granite or cement. This is a great choice for outdoor locations, and your bare feet won’t burn in the extreme heat of Arizona.

Travertine Tile Maintenance

Travertine pavers in Phoenix, Az, can be used outdoors and are very immune to its harsh weather. You would be able to prolong the life of your pavers with just a little cleaning and upkeep.

  • Make sure you do not drop or drag outdoor furniture over Travertine pavers since this could lead to chips and scratches.
  • Ensuring that you remove any weeds or grass trying to grow through the gaps keeps the local greenery in place. Alternatively, the holes can be covered with grout.

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