Apache Junction, AZ

Landscaping in Apache Junction, AZ

Ever wanted to have a beautiful backyard that is an extension of your home? At CGL Landscaping, we can help you achieve this. With our years of experience and expertise, we will design the perfect landscape for your home or commercial premises. Whether you want a large outdoor living space with artificial turf or just some plants and shrubs along the side of your house, CGL Landscaping has what you need. Call us today at (480) 219-0038 for quality and professional landscaping in Apache Junction, AZ.

Commercial Landscaping Service in Apache Junction, Arizona

CGL Landscaping will help you turn your commercial property into a beautiful oasis. We offer high-quality services such as designing, installation, and maintenance to keep it looking sharp for years!

CGL landscaping is the leading provider of quality commercial landscape service in Apache Junction Arizona. Our team offers design consultations to make sure that we build with sustainability practices in mind while also helping customers create their ideal space whether they need lawn care or something more complex like hardscape construction.

Landscape Installation Service

CGL Landscaping can work with any landscaping style – whether it’s linear, natural, formal or modern. Whatever you dream of creating in your backyard or front lawn we can turn into a reality. When working with us on the design and installation process, we’ll be able to find what fits best for you. Not only will what we build to enhance the beauty of your space but also improve the functionality and curb appeal as well!

Landscape Maintenance Service​

Even though the desert landscape is beautiful and home to many animals, it can be a difficult environment. That’s why CGL Landscaping offers a landscaping maintenance service – to keep your outdoor living space at its best! They plant and maintain plants that thrive in our climate, they weed out undesirable weeds like thistle, they power wash blinding dirt from evergreen bark with an eco-friendly solution.

Landscape Design

Imagine your backyard filled with beautiful flowers, inviting pathways, and tall trees but you don’t have to imagine it for long because CGL Landscaping will turn your home into a wonderful private retreat. We’ll help you come up with the perfect landscape that meets your needs. Fill out a simple form to receive more information about the landscaping services we offer for residential homes in Ahwatukee.

Best landscaping company in Apache Junction, Arizona

CGL Landscaping is the best landscaping company around! We offer a variety of services such as design and installation, maintenance, irrigation repair, tree care, and much more. No matter what your needs are, we have you covered with our commercial service in Apache Junction Arizona.

We’ve been providing quality landscape design for over 15 years here at CGL Landscaping. Our team has expertise when it comes to hardscape construction as well so if you need something specific like pavers or stonework then give us a call today at (480) 219-0038.

At CGL Landscaping we take pride in helping create beautiful outdoor living spaces that will make your property stand out from other properties on the block.

Residential Landscaping Service in Apache Junction, Arizona

CGL Landscaping is proud to be one of the top Residential Landscape Service providers in Apache Junction, Arizona. Their team has over 30+ years of combined experience and a diverse range of knowledge that enables them to provide their customers with distinctive landscaping services ranging from Basic Lawn Care all the way up to Complete Planting Services for both residential and commercial properties.

CGL Landscaping provides an array of comprehensive residential landscaping Services including basic lawn care, planting design service installation/removal, annuals & perennials maintenance programs (fall clean-up), tree trimming & fertilizing etcetera – catering mainly homes but also serving small business owners too!

Turn your outdoor sanctuary into a tropical paradise with CGL Landscaping! Whether you like to stay organized and tidy or you need that perfect yoga garden out back we have got the landscapers for your needs. Get started now to achieve the interior-out playground of your dreams!

Landscape Maintenance Service in Apache Junction, Arizona

Nothing boosts curb appeal like a well-cared-for yard. Keep your property pollution free and pursue an eco-friendly landscape with the experts at CGL Landscaping. If you need your yard to be well taken care of, CGL Landscaping will do the work for a fair price.

Most yard maintenance companies mistakenly believe that they can tackle any job on their own. But do you know what does landscaping entails? Someone’s got to mow those lawns, prune those trees, weed the garden beds, and follow up with pest control (yikes!), among other things.

That’s why it makes sense to leave these difficult tasks for a professional who specializes in maintaining landscapes doing all of the hard work for your customers so you can sleep easy at night knowing they have a green space worth getting excited about outside their home office or luxury penthouse!

Landscape Design Service in Apache Junction, Arizona

With the help of talented landscaping designers, your backyard doesn’t have to be a blank canvas. Whether you want something traditional or new-age, we’ll design with you and get our hands dirty to make it happen. Don’t know what you want? Perfect – let’s talk about what really matters: how comfortable do you like to feel in your own home? Do weeds give ya the creeps? Is water kinda wet (it is)? CGL will transform your outdoor space into a sanctuary for leisure or retreat so that nowhere else feels better than right here at home. 

You couldn’t find a better company to take care of your landscape! Our mission is to design and install the perfect outdoor space for you. We offer everything from landscaping, lighting, ground covers, patio furniture, turf grasses (including all of Arizona’s most popular native varieties), irrigation systems, and sprinkler heads – just to name a few examples.

Landscape Installation Service in Apache Junction, Arizona

CGL Landscaping is an Apache Junction, Arizona-based company that specializes in landscaping installation. CGL’s goal for their customers’ yards includes beautifying them and adding curb appeal with the best materials available on the market today. We want to help you turn your yard into a garden oasis where friends and family can gather around all year long!

From assessment and design through landscaping project construction, our Landscape Architects will create site plans that address sustainability standards as well as ornamental considerations for beauty. 

Our team of qualified and experienced professionals has the skills and expertise to make your landscaping dreams a reality. We’ll meet with you at your home or property to assess what work is necessary to install a beautiful, functional landscape. CGL can take care of all types of landscaping services from installation, design, sod mowing and lawn service in Apache Junction AZ.

Unleash the beauty of your yard with our expert landscaping services.
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