Landscaping in Foothills, AZ

If you are looking for landscape design in Foothills, Arizona, look no further than CGL Landscaping. We provide professional landscape design services at an affordable price, and we work to make sure that you get the best service possible. For more information on our landscaping services or schedule your free consultation with one of our experts, call us today at (480) 219-0038.

Landscape Installation Service

A landscape installation service can be an excellent investment for both your home and the environment. Whether you need help maintaining a small flowerbed or installing new, high-quality sod in a dead lawn, our contractors are here to serve all of your landscaping needs. Let’s take care of that unsightly grass before it takes over!

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Landscape Maintenance Service

Do you find yourself spending hours tending to your lawn, weeding flowerbeds, and watering plants? If so then let our professional landscaping service in Foothills take care of it for you. We offer a variety of services including: trimming hedges, planting flowers beds or trees as well as weed control and more!

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Landscape Design Service

CGL Landscaping  is the best place to get your lawn and garden looking their absolute finest. Whether you need a new hedge trimmed or just want some advice on what plants would be perfect for the shady area of your yard, these professionals have got it covered!

Commercial Landscaping Service in Foothills, Arizona

You would never think that landscaping could make such a big difference, but it can! CGL Landscaping offers Commercial Landscaping Service in Foothills, Arizona. We help individuals and businesses keep their landscapes up-to-date so that they have the best looking plants and flowers. Our Commercial Landscaping Services include designing new flower beds, handling all aspects of installation (including soils), irrigation systems to ensure proper watering even on hot days and manicuring where needed.

With a wider variety of products available today for both flowers and foliage, effective communication between the business owner and our staff is essential: after we discuss your goals for the landscape project with you, we will work out design ideas together when necessary.

Best landscaping company in Foothills, Arizona

CGL Landscaping is the best landscaping company in Foothills, Arizona. We offer a variety of services that will help keep your land looking its best year-round. Whether you need new plants, flowers or just some fresh mulch for those pesky weeds, we have what you need to take care of it all!  We also provide landscape installation service with skilled crews who are experienced and knowledgeable about how to get the job done right the first time without breaking a sweat. Our Professional Landscape Maintenance Service offers lawn cutting and edging along with weed treatment applications as needed to maintain healthy turf grass conditions at your business or home.

Choosing CGL Landscaping for your residential landscaping service in Foothills is an excellent choice. Our team of lawn care experts will take the time to ensure that every inch of your property looks its best, while also being ecologically responsible and environmentally friendly!

Becoming a customer with CGL Landscaping means never having to worry about the quality or beauty of our work again; we’ll come by every now and then so you can enjoy spending more time outdoors knowing it’s been well taken care off!

For those who need help maintaining their yards but don’t have the time or energy for it themselves, CGL’s Residential Landscape Service offers the perfect solutions.

Residential Landscaping Service in Foothills, Arizona

Landscape Maintenance Service in Foothills, Arizona

CGL Landscaping has been providing landscaping maintenance services for over a decade. With their expert knowledge, they offer customizable packages to meet your needs and budget requirements.

Ever thought your yard could use help? CGL Landscaping offers landscape maintenance services that will make your property look good all year round in Foothills, Arizona. The CGL team is dedicated to ensuring that you are satisfied with the end result of our work in Foothills, AZ. Contact us today!

Landscape Design Service in Foothills, Arizona

Landscape design is a creative process that can be tailored to fit your unique lifestyle. Landscapers may install irrigation systems or fire features for example, while patios and decks might fall under the scope of hardscape installation. A designer may also provide plantings and perennials to add vegetation amidst the concrete desert we call our backyard. Landscape designers often begin by mapping out an area on paper before either designing it as-is or customizing it according to client specifications. 

If you are thinking about transforming your backyard or front yard, do not hesitate to reach out to CGL Landscaping in Foothills, AZ. We specialize in landscape design, installation, and maintenance. Our team is a perfect fit for custom designs for any home or office space, and can work with your budget to create the perfect landscape without breaking the bank.

We provide customers with personalized service. Whether you are just looking to spruce up their yard, want an outdoor living area surrounded by natural beauty or need help designing a backyard oasis from scratch – CGL has got it covered. Transform even small spaces into relaxing retreats using sustainable methods like rain gardens as well as artificial turf systems which imitate nature’s lushness but require less maintenance than live plants and grasses.

Landscape Installation Service in Foothills, Arizona

Take your outdoor space to the next level with impeccable landscaping courtesy of CGL Landscaping. We use only the best materials for the task. You can count on our team to put everything together so you’ll have a perfect, hassle-free landscape. Our staff is dedicated to providing top class service from start to finish by taking care of all aspects of designing, installing, and maintaining your new or existing landscaping needs! 

Do you have a yard in Foothills, Arizona that is just begging to be turned into your own little oasis? CGL Landscaping is the company for you. We offer landscaping installation service to residential and commercial customers in the Foothills area. Our services include irrigation systems, sprinkler repairs or installations, planting trees and shrubs, installing sod, garden maintenance and more!


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