Working with CGL Landscaping, you are getting the private lawn care service Phoenix, AZ home and business owners have come to rely on. We provide complete lawn maintenance and care that’s much better than just a cut above. We realize that our consumers have already spent a great deal of time and money on their lawns, and we want to help them get the best out of their investment. Our staff are specialists on a wide range of grasses and offer them the best treatment for many years to keep them green and flourishing. When customizing a commercial property Phoenix lawn care plan for your property, our lawn professionals take several considerations into account, such as:

While coming to your turf, our expert lawn care service extends even further. You can completely rely on us to understand what kind of fertilizers and irrigation systems work best for all grass varieties as well as with different stages of growth. Whether you are looking to seed a new lawn, reseed a mature lawn, or simply need to nourish turf that is healthy and set, ours is the  lawn care service Phoenix calls first.


Primary Lawn Care Services in Phoenix, Az for Commercial Properties

One of the main rewards of working with our Phoenix lawn care is that it provides inclusive lawn maintenance services with the job done with accurate time and performance. Here are a couple of the main facilities we have to provide for commercial lawn maintenance.


Fertilization of your lawn provides a good opportunity to examine the general health and requirement of your turf, especially the quality of the soil. Even if you have a healthy lawn (due to our maintenance schedules), the soil may get compacted that blocks nutrients, water, and oxygen from reaching the crucial root zone. For instance, clay soil does not allow air to pass without being broken up to let oxygen pass into the mix. Choose the lawn care service Phoenix, AZ property owners trust. We will use an aerator to remove soil plugs, reduce compaction and facilitate natural processes. 

Pest Control

Pests and bugs would not only be an annoyance for the people who visit your property, but they can also impart serious health issues. Our Phoenix lawn care professionals can spot pest causing problems in their early stages, preventing infestation and managing active infestation quickly and tactfully. 

Weed Control

Weeds are unpleasant on their own and can quickly spread and concede the health of your turf and plants. They eventually generate expensive challenges for landowners to deal with, in addition to the aesthetic damage. Overcrowding of weeds near the plants prevents them from reaching proper nutrients along with various allergy triggers. Our lawn services Phoenix wide will help get rid of existing weeds and will also work to prevent them from taking hold in the future. 

Exposure to air

An inappropriate fertilized soil is not always the cause of improper nutrition. Sometimes when the soil gets densely packed, it becomes difficult for the grass and plantation to absorb proper nutrients. Call the lawn service Phoenix counts on to make sure your soil is aerated with the right tools and techniques so that it can nurture your lawn at the roots where the most need i

We create customized lawn care Phoenix, AZ homeowners trust. We provide solutions for each one of our customers that suit their specific needs and budget. There would be more apparent change in your commercial lawn appearance and overall health exhibited by our services.