A well-maintained lawn is the first defence against the weeds in your turf. For a thick, dense lawn– fertility, irrigation, and consistent mowing are important. Thick grass is going to prevent weeds from growing on your lawn. Weed seeds are opportunistic, sitting idly by until a small space, and a little sunlight is provided to allow them to begin developing.

Weeds mostly reproduce from seeds, and most weeds are very active seed producers. In every lawn, there is typically an abundance of weed seed just waiting for the right conditions to start growing and fight for space with your lawn. However, such weeds spread from runners that may grow above ground or below ground, such as common bermudagrass. At intervals, the runners start new seeds, sending down roots and then shoots, probably taking over a whole field very rapidly.


Weed Control in Phoenix, Az

Weed control Phoenix homeowners need can be done in two ways:

pre-emergently (before germination of the seeds)

post-emergently (after sprouting of weeds and emerging from the ground).

Pre-emergent herbicide applications must be timed until conditions are correct for the weeds to start germinating. Once the weeds have grown, post-emergent herbicides can be added at any time, but the younger the weeds, the more powerful the herbicides should be. When sprayed at the wrong frequency or at the wrong time, several post-emergent herbicides will destroy your lawn. Our weed control services Phoenix make sure that all the steps are taken into consideration before applying any chemicals to your grass lawn.

Why Invest in Weed Control?

In addition, certain weeds are called invasive plants. Weeds not only pose a threat to your land, but they can also potentially threaten your local environment! Not only do weeds cause aesthetic damage, property owners eventually create expensive challenges to deal with them. At CGL Landscaping, we put the main focus on prevention. We build enduring relationships with our consumers so that we can offer weed control Phoenix homeowners trust and keep them from returning.

Stop weeds from crowding out plants you want to showcase and stealing nutrients and space.

Prevent the weeds from interacting with your lawn turf

Minimize allergens

Everyone knows that weeds are considered a big eyesore, but they can be very expensive with the burden weeds put on your landscape. Popular varieties can be sturdy and intrusive, such as dollar weed, sedge, and crabgrass. Weed control services Phoenix should be part of the daily landscape maintenance helping out to:

Residential Weed Control in Phoenix

Weeds can flourish on your landscape almost everywhere, from your lawn to your flower beds and ornamental plants and even around your trees and hedges. At CGL Landscaping, we build weed control services in Phoenix, Az, that are tailored to satisfy each of our customers’ particular needs. We’ll help you plan a weed control policy in Phoenix, Arizona, that will fit within your budget to maintain your weed-free and balanced environment by using a variety of approaches, such as:

Manually pulling weeds



Regular mulching

Strategic irrigation management

Through a combination of preventative maintenance and weed control services in Phoenix, we’ll keep your property weed-free throughout the year. Your CGL Landscaping professionals have the skills to consider how each aspect of your landscape impacts others. If the symptom of a larger problem is your weed problem, we have the insight to determine the root cause and provide you with a remedy that enhances your landscape’s overall health.

When working with CGL Landscaping, we’re all in. We spot problems before they even exist, from spiralling into bigger and more costly ones.