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Landscaping in Sedona, AZ

You don’t need to worry about your yard anymore because CGL Landscaping is here! We have over 10 years of experience in the landscaping industry and are committed to providing you with high quality services at an affordable price. Our company has been serving Sedona, Arizona for many years and we are always expanding our network of customers. If you’re looking for a reliable company that can take care of all your landscaping needs, then don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Commercial Landscaping Service in Sedona, Arizona

CGL Landscaping offers many great services for commercial needs. For example, CGL can design a new landscape plan that includes: 

  • Planting of trees and shrubs to create privacy in outdoor areas
  • Installation of decorative pavers or rock outcroppings around the perimeter of parking lots

CGL has three decades worth experience so you know they’re doing things right! They also offer free consultations with their team if you need help getting started on your project

Landscape Installation Service

CGL Landscaping can work with any landscaping style – whether it’s linear, natural, formal or modern. Whatever you dream of creating in your backyard or front lawn we can turn into a reality. When working with us on the design and installation process, we’ll be able to find what fits best for you. Not only will what we build to enhance the beauty of your space but also improve the functionality and curb appeal as well!

Landscape Maintenance Service​

Even though the desert landscape is beautiful and home to many animals, it can be a difficult environment. That’s why CGL Landscaping offers a landscaping maintenance service – to keep your outdoor living space at its best! They plant and maintain plants that thrive in our climate, they weed out undesirable weeds like thistle, they power wash blinding dirt from evergreen bark with an eco-friendly solution.

Landscape Design

Imagine your backyard filled with beautiful flowers, inviting pathways, and tall trees but you don’t have to imagine it for long because CGL Landscaping will turn your home into a wonderful private retreat. We’ll help you come up with the perfect landscape that meets your needs. Fill out a simple form to receive more information about the landscaping services we offer for residential homes in Ahwatukee.

Best landscaping company in Sedona, Arizona

You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy luxurious landscaping. We’ll help you make your back yard the most beautiful sight around. If you’ve been looking to invest in creating an oasis fit for kings, CGL Landscaping is here to help make your dreams come true with our gorgeous new landscaping service located right in Sedona, Arizona!

CGL’s team of professional contractors are available for all phases of construction from design consultation through completion! We offer both residential and commercial landscaping services to meet your needs.

CGL Landscaping specializes in designing, implementing, and maintaining the most beautiful gardens you’ve ever seen. Our team of experts is devoted to beautifying yards by creating a lush green space for families to enjoy! Whether it’s an elaborate flower garden or a simple patch of grass we can create something that will look great no matter where it goes. We have years of experience working with countless clients all over Arizona so we know what works best in any environment — and even if you don’t see anything pictured on our site yet, just ask us about customizing a design for you based on your specific vision

Residential Landscaping Service in Sedona, Arizona

Let your yard blossom with CGL Landscaping, a residential landscaping service that specializes in making your outdoor living space look as lovely as it is functional. With over two decades of experience breathing life into landscapes in Sedona, you’re guaranteed to be pleased with the professional and thorough workmanship they’ll provide for you.

Landscape Maintenance Service in Sedona, Arizona

One way we help to maintain the health of your property is by using proper irrigation. It’s essential that you have a good system in place so there aren’t any dry patches on your lawn or thirsty plants! When it comes to watering, less is always more – and we know how much water various kinds of soils need for maintenance. Our team will also make sure that rainwater remains in contact with dirt as long as possible because soil needs moisture from below too!

The CGL Landscape Installation Service offers landscaping services within Sedona and its surrounding areas including:

  • Stone work (pools, patios)
  • Grading services such as leveling ground levels
  • Retaining structures to keep excess run off

CGL Landscape Maintenance Service in Sedona Arizona will help maintain and beautify any size space with high-quality services offered by skilled professionals at affordable prices.

Landscape Design Service in Sedona, Arizona

Imagine walking your way through a beautiful, soft green meadow. The sun is shining overhead and the air smells sweet with flowers in full bloom all around you as little birds chirp happily nearby singing their songs of joy. CGL Landscaping offers landscaping design service to help make this vision into reality for those who live in Sedona Arizona.

Our team of landscape designers will tailor your yard to suit your taste and needs. We have the skills needed for every job, from a simple front lawn renovation to an extensive backyard overhaul in Sedona, Arizona.

CGL Landscaping is offering you expert landscaping services with our customized design service that can meet any project need such as starting a new garden or revamping existing one within budget constraints when time permits on properties throughout Sedona, AZ’s townships like Page Springs North; West Sedona; East Scottsdale

Landscape Installation Service in Sedona, Arizona

CGL Landscaping is offering Landscape Installation Service in Sedona, Arizona. We have the skills needed for every job and will tailor your yard to meet your taste and needs with our Customized Design service that can be used on properties throughout town!

CGL Landscaping is a full-service landscaper in the Sedona area. With our installation service, you can be assured of professional work from beginning to end! We offer quality services at competitive rates and we’re proud that 99% of our customers are satisfied with their finished product.

Construction may not sound like it could be pleasurable or interesting but CGL Landscape Installation Service has found ways to make this aspect of business an enjoyable endeavor for all involved parties: client included. Whether you want your yard renovated entirely or just need some help maintaining certain areas on your property, we have what’s required.

Unleash the beauty of your yard with our expert landscaping services.
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