Our tree professionals at CGL Landscaping aim to ensure the longevity of your ornamentals, from desert native trees to imported varieties and hybrids. Trees are living investments in your desert landscape, and we aim to ensure their health and wellbeing. Collectively, our team has decades of experience offering tree services Phoenix wide. 

Planting too deep, underwatering, tree borers, grubs, some pests, along with improper or delay trimming, fertilizer shortages, etc., are many of the typical problems facing our desert plants. Access to oxygen and macronutrients is needed to survive the biotic and abiotic stresses experienced by plants here in our area with a proper watering schedule. Call us to schedule a Phoenix tree service with one of our accredited arborists for health issues.

CGL Landscaping provides all types of residential and commercial tree treatment. We specialize in ornamental trees and deal with wider varieties, such as palm trees, as well. Trees are some of the landscape’s long-lasting and most visible features, and we strive for years to keep them safe and splendid. A few of the Gilbert tree service we offer include:


Tree Inspection:

Trees provide any outdoor environment with a number of advantages, but they also require effective maintenance. With two basic aims in mind, we perform our inspections: to locate any possible dangers or concerns that can endanger your wellbeing, your building, or your structures, and to ensure the health of the trees for proper growth. In any property risk assessment, a competent tree inspection is an important step.


If your property currently does not have many trees, you might consider adding some. Trees are a great way to boost curb appeal. Flowering various species add beautiful seasonal color in the spring, and fall foliage brightens up every landscape. We work with nurseries all over the country, so we can help you track down just the right varieties to keep your landscape unique in every way.

Once your ornamental trees have taken root, we can keep them flourishing with regular maintenance tailored to their needs. A few of the tree services Phoenix has available are:

Regular Trimming

Trimming allows trees to direct growth energy into their most attractive limbs, improving the commercial trees’ beauty. In addition, trimming will minimize the risk of branches being cut off in strong winds and decrease the number of fallen leaves to clean up in autumn. 

Proper Fertilization:

Just like any living being, in order to grow strong and healthy, trees need proper nutrition. To keep your trees and other plants stable and long-lived, we’ll ensure that your soil has the correct mix of nutrients.

Tree Removal:

Trees look fantastic and provide numerous benefits to any outdoor space. However, sometimes their presence can become a problem, especially when they are attacked by parasites or represent a risk to a person or property. Our Chandler tree services cover all areas and provide tree removal services, taking responsibility to remove any tree that causes a threat to safety. CGL Landscaping has an experienced team that helps our customers to minimize the risk of your trees falling unexpectedly.