CGL Landscaping

 Your Property. Our Reputation. 

CGL is one of the most trusted landscape contractors in Phoenix. We offer custom landscape & hardscape design & maintenance service in and around Phoenix.

CGL Landscaping

Your Property. Our Reputation.
CGL is one of the most trusted landscape contractors in Phoenix. We offer custom landscape & hardscape design & maintenance service in and around Phoenix.

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Tree Services

Professional tree service contractors who provide comprehensive tree care solutions.

Lawn Care Service

Entrust your lawn care needs to CGL, the premier lawn care service provider in Phoenix, Arizona. We offer a free quote and are confident in our ability to surpass your expectations.

Best Landscaping Contractor in Phoenix

From gardens and landscaping to tree services and lawn care, CGL can take care of all your gardening needs. Landscaping is an art that can transform your boring outdoor area into a place you can really enjoy, and CGL is here to help you convert your dream into reality. We have roped in some of the best landscapers in Phoenix in our team who can transform your boring front yard or backyard into a thing of beauty. With our landscaping services (available in and around Phoenix), you will be able to give your insipid landscape a fresh new makeover.

Bring your front lawn or backyard alive with our professional residential and commercial landing service. Give the curb appeal of your house a fillip with CGL’s reliable lawn maintenance service. From laying out the initial plan to giving it finishing touches, CGL will do it all. Our landscaping service in Phoenix is not limited to residential homes only; we are actively trying to make a foray into other sectors like commercial properties, healthcare sector, community parks and more.

Irrespective of the size of the property, our team of expert landscapers can make your wildest dream come true. With CGL Landscaping, you will be able to enhance your curb appeal while staying within your budget. Whether you are looking for a perfectly balanced combination of hardscape and softscape, or you want a sustainable landscape design that preserves water and creates a natural habitat, you can always count on our Phoenix landscaping services.

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What Makes CGL Landscaping Different?

The price of a property depends on a lot of factors but a neat landscape most certainly have positive impact on the price. A beautifully presented home with manicured gardens and landscaping tells customers that the owners are proud of their homes and this will undoubtedly affect the sale price. This is the reason why it is crucial for home owners to give proper attention and care to their lawns and garden and make them appear great. And the best part, you don’t have to spend hours for that as CGL can get it done for you.
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Our Services

CGL Landscaping is one of the best full-service landscape companies operating from Phoenix, AZ. We take care of every single aspect of your landscaping requirements.  Be it maintenance or irrigation, turf installation or revamping existing structure, CGL Landscaping is your best bet.

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Landscape Designs

Redefine your outdoor space with our expert Phoenix landscape designs. Let our team plan your landscape from beginning to end. We will create a design that fulfills your needs and specifications and will include all the necessary components, that would include a land sprinkler system, well-adapted plants, turf, and other prominent features to highlight your Phoenix landscaping. Explore our artificial turf technologies if you are trying more sustainable alternatives.
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Desert Landscaping

In consideration of the hot climate conditions of Arizona, we create desert Phoenix landscape design for your yard with a desert theme or xeriscaping. We select plants that are adapted to less to no water and need low maintenance. From cacti and succulents, along with colorful bushes, earth tone rocks, mounding for depth, and artificial turf for greenery, will let you have a beautiful yard. It would fit well with our climate attracting hummingbirds, quail, and other wildlife while saving our precious water.
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Automate your lawns’ watering schedule with our irrigation services. We design, plot, and install new land sprinkler systems and also upgrade repair and winterize your previously installed systems. We will manage all your water management systems to make sure that no corner is left dry.


It is not at all tough for us to maintain your property landscape by our landscapers Phoenix wide. We offer many customized landscape services that include tree services and seasonal services that will keep your landscape looking beautiful all year round. You can only have an attractively designed and installed yard if it is maintained properly. No problem if you are busy. We are professional Phoenix landscaping companies that offer you complete maintenance or even just annual or biannual clean-ups. Get in touch with us and benefit from our various maintenance plans that include weekly, biweekly, monthly, and even seasonal Phoenix landscaping services

Artificial Turf

We provide top-quality artificial design and installation of turf. We will also offer contractor pricing to those who are looking to install their own turf. These natural-looking synthetic fibers will look lush green in your yard. We have several styles and grades of artificial turf that are not only durable but are also pet friendly and water conservative. It is important for us to provide you with the best quality product.


Our experienced Phoenix landscapers will design and install decorative and functional hardscapes for your home, commercial property, community park, or healthcare structures. Think of your appealing walls, driveways, patios, brick fireplace, and benches. Our paver services are durable and add aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your home or business. We have a wide collection of colors, sizes, textures, and styles you can choose from.


We have a variety of natural travertine stones providing a unique limestone type of distinctive and striking appearance. Whether you are looking for brushed, honed, polished, or tumbled Travertine, we offer all styles for your taste. Along with a wide range of texture styles, a warm and buttery color pallet ranges from rust to beige. It consists of a durable composition that will withstand even heavy-duty wear and tear, best for your foot traffic commercial property. It is a timeless addition to any of your property, residential or commercial.

Tree Services & Removal

With appropriate tree services, we offer our phoenix residence the longevity of their vegetation along with personal safety. We know that Arizona gets hit by storm winds more often, and having trees maintained correctly by Phoenix landscapers will help keep them from becoming hazards to you and your property. Keeping trees properly trimmed also keeps them healthy and ensures nourishing growth. Our certified and expert arborists will take care of all your trees and will make sure that they are ready for vibrant growth.

SOD Installation

Our sod installation Phoenix experts have years of experience in the cultivation of gorgeous, healthy lawns for our clients. Our experts install strips of pre-grown grass on uncovered and treated soil during sodding. The Phoenix sod sets up within 2-3 weeks and produces a lush green lawn immediately. This grass is cultivated by our experienced farmers and harvested on farms throughout Arizona. Look no further than CGL Landscaping for your sod installation in Phoenix.

Benefits of Landscaping

Social Benefits

  • Creates green buffer zones to enhance the livability of your community.
  • Noise and heat reduction.
  • A place to detoxify oneself.

Health Benefits

  • It helps in creating healthier homes by pollutants and purifying the air.
  • Decreases stress levels by providing a calming environment.
  • Regulate extreme temperature conditions.

Economic Benefits

  • It prevents flash blood by creating a protective cover on loose soil.
  • Reduces soil erosion and property damage from shifting apart.
  • Soil degradation and evaporation reduction.


micke Ray

Micke Ray

“CGL Landscaping impressed us with their outstanding customer service, prompt communication, and high-quality work. Jorge went above and beyond to address our concerns and ensure our satisfaction. We highly recommend CGL Landscaping for their professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction.

David Thomas

David Thomas

“Quality and workmanship was fantastic. This was a small job, but was don’t with the expertise and professionalism of a much larger project. Jose was friendly, courteous, and took pride in his work.”

Doug Barnes ​

Doug Barnes

“CGL Landscaping’s professionalism and expertise were evident from the start. Jose personally guided me through the process and ensured our yard was revitalized. Their attentive service and dedication to excellence made a lasting impression.

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