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Landscaping Service in Peoria, AZ

If you are looking for a local Peoria landscaping company that offers landscape design, installation, and maintenance services, look no further. CGL Landscaping is here to help. From small residential properties to large commercial properties, we can take care of your outdoor needs. Contact us today for more information about our service offerings or to request an estimate on the cost of a project.

Commercial Landscaping Service in Peoria, Arizona

Commercial Landscaping Service offered by CGL Landscaping can make your business more attractive to employees and customers. Landscape design, installation, and maintenance services are available from CGL Landscaping in the Peoria area of Arizona. Talk with our team today for more information about what we can do for you!

CGL Landscaping is a perfect choice for those in the Peoria, Arizona area looking for commercial landscaping services. We specialize in creating attractive and functional spaces that exceed expectations!

CGL Landscaping offers skilled and experienced professionals to provide an out-of-this-world customer experience with every installation. With our years of combined knowledge, we can assure you’ll get what’s best suited to fit your needs at affordable prices.

Landscape Installation Service

CGL Landscaping can work with any landscaping style – whether it’s linear, natural, formal or modern. Whatever you dream of creating in your backyard or front lawn we can turn into a reality. When working with us on the design and installation process, we’ll be able to find what fits best for you. Not only will what we build to enhance the beauty of your space but also improve the functionality and curb appeal as well!

Landscape Maintenance Service​

Even though the desert landscape is beautiful and home to many animals, it can be a difficult environment. That’s why CGL Landscaping offers a landscaping maintenance service – to keep your outdoor living space at its best! They plant and maintain plants that thrive in our climate, they weed out undesirable weeds like thistle, they power wash blinding dirt from evergreen bark with an eco-friendly solution.

Landscape Design

Imagine your backyard filled with beautiful flowers, inviting pathways, and tall trees but you don’t have to imagine it for long because CGL Landscaping will turn your home into a wonderful private retreat. We’ll help you come up with the perfect landscape that meets your needs. Fill out a simple form to receive more information about the landscaping services we offer for residential homes in Ahwatukee.

Best landscaping company in Peoria, Arizona

At CGL Landscaping, we offer a variety of landscaping services to meet all your needs. We install and maintain the landscape on commercial or residential properties throughout Peoria, AZ.  We also specialize in hardscape installation, which includes patios, walkways, and retaining walls for business owners, homeowners, and property managers who want an outdoor living space that is functional as well as beautiful.

The advantages to using CGL Landscaping are numerous, as you will have the opportunity to enjoy:

  • A free consultation with one of our landscape designers who will help you design your new yard before ever breaking ground for construction! This way, there’s no need to guess what that beautiful backyard could look like in reality – they’ll show you first-hand!
  • Expert installation work from experienced professionals means that all outdoor living spaces are expertly installed into landscapes around Peoria, Arizona homes.

Call us now at (480) 219-0038 for professional landscaping in Peoria, Arizona.

Residential Landscaping Service in Peoria, Arizona

Residential Landscaping Service provided by CGL Landscaping can add a beautiful finishing touch to your home. Landscape design, installation, and maintenance services are available from CGL Landscaping in the Peoria area of Arizona. Talk with our team today for more information about what we can do for you!

Landscape lighting in Peoria, AZ

CGL Landscaping has been offering high-quality landscaping for many years. With their latest addition of landscape lighting service, you can enjoy your garden or lawn all year round!

CGL Landscape Lighting Service offers a variety of bright and colorful lights that will transform the look of any home’s outdoor environment in Peoria, Arizona.

Highlights include LED rope light which is great because it saves money on electricity bills with its low power consumption; easy to install string lights made from durable plastic bulbs that are waterproof so they won’t rust over time; and spotlights designed to make plants grow bigger faster while illuminating wildlife habitats.

Landscape Maintenance Service In Peoria, Arizona ​

Your failing lawn will be as healthy and vigorous as a newborn child with this service. We provide you the seeds, the tools to plant them, the love and time needed for nurturing them, and at regular intervals, we ensure that your yard is in tip-top shape so that the grass continues growing without stopping.

Are you thinking of a way to keep your yard looking its best? Well, CGL Landscaping is here for you. We offer both landscape maintenance and property service. Put down the rake and let our detail-orientated teams take care of it from start to finish! Contact us today so we can make your yard look like a million bucks.

CGL Landscaping will provide you with beautifully designed and meticulously planned landscapes incorporating the vision of both artistry and practicality. When creating your perfect space, our experts listen to what you want out of a landscaping project and execute it flawlessly in just about any design style imaginable.

CGL Landscaping is all about helping people make memories for generations; we believe that if someone invests enough time into their household, they should have something to show for it other than healthy plants and trees. That’s why each one of our projects is guaranteed to be eye-catching, with thoughtful designs naturally integrated into the flora thanks to greenhouses that are transparent, allowing plant life on both sides to thrive.

Landscape Design Service in Peoria, Arizona

Landscape Installation Service in Peoria, Arizona

CGL Landscaping offers a variety of landscape installation services to help you transform your yard into an oasis. Services include landscaping, irrigation systems, waterfalls, and ponds with expert construction for exceptional projects that will make the outdoor space enjoyable year-round.

For more than 10 years, Arizona has been our home in operation as CGL Landscaping. This is why we know how important it can be to have someone who knows their way around this difficult terrain when tackling any project at all. Our team of experts can handle any size project, and we can do it while maintaining a very competitive pricing structure.

Unleash the beauty of your yard with our expert landscaping services.
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