We Provide Professional Commercial Landscaping in Phoenix, Az.

CGL Landscaping offers commercial landscaping Phoenix wide for your company with a lot of benefits. We will provide you with a stunning, well-maintained landscape that will be appealing and elegant. Our consultants will create a tailored schedule that fits your budget and you. Our staff will become acquainted with the commercial property, its specifications and understand possible solutions before it becomes a costly replacement.

We at CGL Landscaping understand the benefit that your commercial landscape will add to your business. Choosing a supplier of landscape management services that specializes primarily in commercial landscaping Phoenix wide and lawn care will help simplify things. A few benefits of choosing our services include:

Our Landscape Maintenance Services Include:

Seasonal maintenance
Spring/Fall yard upkeep
Spring/Fall yard upkeep


At CGL landscaping, we understand that it can be time-consuming to manage a detailed landscape, and we never want our consumers to sweat the details. We manage nearly everything, enabling you to reflect on the broader picture of your company’s success and growth.

In addition to the aesthetics that can either encourage or turn customers in or out, a well-maintained landscape tackles possible safety threats such as:

Although no one can completely forecast the future or avoid incidents, choosing a commercial landscaper who is committed to maximizing and preserving the protection of your landscape is important.


You know that you need commercial lawn and landscape care facilities that cover everything as a property owner or manager, giving you the most out of your investment. Choose a commercial lawn care service partner who takes pride in what they do and aims to help you maintain the integrity of your landscape because commercial lawn maintenance can be costly. 

Fortunately, with competent commercial lawn care from CGL Landscaping, you will prolong the life of your landscape and your investment. You can have trust in us as we offer the commercial landscaping Phoenix, AZ property owners call first.


The idea that it will potentially save you money is one of the biggest reasons to invest in the right commercial landscape management schedule. CGL Landscaping is more than just a one-off provider with landscaping facilities. In addition to conducting periodic commercial landscaping Phoenix, AZ wide, and maintenance, we are committed to establishing a genuine relationship with any commercial property manager we represent. To get to know your property well, you can rely on us so that we can find possible trouble spots early on. Before the problems expand, by nipping minor issues in the bud, our landscape experts are constantly saving our customers money, time, and hassle.

CGL Landscaping will collaborate with you to create and execute a full commercial landscape maintenance plan. We intended to prolong the lifetime of your landscape and mitigate safety threats and liability risks in each season while securing your investment in different ways.

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