Landscaping in Gold Canyon, AZ

Are you looking for a landscaping company in Gold Canyon, Arizona? CGL Landscaping is the perfect choice. We provide beautiful landscape designs that will fit your budget and we offer all of these services: landscape design service, installation service, and maintenance service. Contact us today to get a free quote!

Landscape Installation Service

A landscape installation service can be an excellent investment for both your home and the environment. Whether you need help maintaining a small flowerbed or installing new, high-quality sod in a dead lawn, our contractors are here to serve all of your landscaping needs. Let’s take care of that unsightly grass before it takes over!

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Landscape Maintenance Service

Do you find yourself spending hours tending to your lawn, weeding flowerbeds, and watering plants? If so then let our professional landscaping service in Gold Canyon, AZ take care of it for you. We offer a variety of services including: trimming hedges, planting flowers beds or trees as well as weed control and more!

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Landscape Design Service

CGL Landscaping  is the best place to get your lawn and garden looking their absolute finest. Whether you need a new hedge trimmed or just want some advice on what plants would be perfect for the shady area of your yard, these professionals have got it covered!

Commercial Landscaping Service in Gold Canyon, Arizona

You’re not looking for average lawn care deals or a company that is only great at upkeep. You deserve the best of the best. CGL’s Commercial Landscaping Services mission is to provide each customer with high-quality workmanship, exceptional service, and excellent value.

Whether you need routine maintenance in both public and private spaces, or if your needs are more intensive requiring sophisticated designs, improved curb appeal or better traffic flow – CGL can help you achieve your goals on time and under budget!

CGL Landscaping is hard at work so you don’t have to! Just point, and we’ll landscape your commercial business with care. We’ve been doing this for decades, so feel free to give us a call today to schedule a consultation appointment and get your lawn looking the best it’s ever looked!

Best landscaping company in Gold Canyon, Arizona

CGL Landscaping is the best landscaping company in Gold Canyon, Arizona. They provide high-quality workmanship and excellent value for their customers. If you need routine maintenance or a more intensive design done on your property, CGL can help! Just call today to schedule a consultation appointment with them and they’ll get started right away!

We keep up with trends by constantly striving to improve ourselves as professionals so that when you choose us – it will be the best decision you’ve made all year long

Despite their rugged exterior, some things have to be tamed after all. Make your outdoor living space look classy, tidy, and in top condition with an expert installation from the CGL Landscaping area specialists. From irrigation for a lush paradise that will nourish plants and other vegetation to new waste management and mulching systems installed by certified experts, you can rely on us to keep everything green!

Residential Landscaping Service in Gold Canyon, Arizona

Landscape Maintenance Service in Gold Canyon, Arizona

Your lawn suffers the scorching heat and dry weather long before you do. So give it some tender loving care by selecting an affordable landscaping maintenance service! Avoid burning your grass, conserving its water and fighting weeds. Keep your greenery looking fresh with regular mowing from professionals on CGL Landscaping’s staff of licensed specialists for all types of properties in Gold Canyon, Arizona.

Not only will CGL Landscape give your landscape a fresh new look, but they’ll also take care of the regular upkeep so you don’t have to! They’re not only affordable and great at what they do, but their friendly technicians are available 24/7 to help get your yard back in shape. Whether it’s weed control or leaf removal, we can tell you who is best for the job. Call now to get this year off on a right footing!.

Landscape Design Service in Gold Canyon, Arizona

CGL Landscaping is giving Gold Canyon residents the chance to have an expert design their dream landscape.

CGL (Creative Garden Landscape) has been providing excellent landscaping services for over 13 years, and now they’re ready to offer top-notch service in your backyard! The “landscape designer” will create a custom plan that fits well with you lifestyle needs as well as budget limitations so there’s no need to worry about not being satisfied with what gets done on site.

Now everyone can enjoy having a beautiful yard all year long without breaking the bank or getting tired of it because we’ll be here every now and then to make sure everything stays looking its best. It really does take one call away from turning your property into exactly how it looks in your wild dream. Give us a call and see the difference

Landscape Installation Service in Gold Canyon, Arizona

CGL Landscaping is a professional landscaping company. Whether you’re looking to transform an entire yard or just need someone to do work on one spot, we can provide an attractive and stylish solution for any budget!

Let our team of professional landscapers turn your backyard into a serene space that is truly yours. Achieve the haven you’ve always wanted with the peace and tranquility of Mother Nature.

Homeowners know that when it comes to their yard, the devil is in the details! So we make sure every corner is accounted for. Lawn mowing and fertilization? Check! What about shrubs, flowers, trees? We’re happy to do some seasonal plantings for you too. Thanks to our years of experience, we’ve learned just how important a few key plants can be in creating balance and order around your property.

From peonies or plumerias to elms or camellias – whatever type you fancy they are waiting at CGL Landscaping, Arizona’s premiere landscaper with over 15 years on professional installation services. When it comes time for design plans we’ll sit down with you onsite and start working out what needs to be done.


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