Our qualified arborists will help you pick the right tree and shrub varieties to compliment your home landscape. Our tree planting service ensures that your plant is set up for success, from the location of planting to the choice of the correct ornamental among a variety of plants grown in the nursery. Since a plant’s health and growth start before it even hits your house. Each is hand-picked to ensure that it is not root-bound and hasn’t spent too much time in a box. Our tree crews will ensure that your tree is planted at the proper depth and that adventitious roots are trimmed before planting, which will cause your tree to have additional issues. 

For several years, the CGL Landscaping specialist team has been distributing trees to private, manufacturing, and public sector organizations. Our reputable experts in tree supply are enthusiastic about trees. This guarantees that you can be assured that your new plants will be safe from day one and positively affect your land.

Tree Planting in Phoenix

CGL Landscaping offers tree planting Phoenix wide, providing high-quality trees in ideal conditions, from native trees to exotic species. We are experienced in planting several different forms of business environments before, ranging from shopping and business parks to commercial facilities and school grounds. If you’ve been wondering, “Who offers tree planting services near me?”, look no further. 

In our affiliate nurseries, our semi-mature trees are bred for cultivation. This allows us to plant high-quality trees free of disease or growth defects that could theoretically decrease their appeal to your landscape environment.

Why CGL Landscaping Tree Planting Services?

We have access to a variety of species of plants which means that we have the perfect choice for you.
CGL Landscaping is one of the top distributors of trees and tree planting services..
Our specimens are either root balled or contained to fit your requirements better.
We are educated, qualified, and certified with a real passion for trees.

We provide tree installation by our specialists. From planning the tree pit and planting process right through to the transplanting, guying, irrigation, and care of the plants in question, we provide a full service. Our strategy not only offers excellent results but also gives the best chance for your new trees to start growing.

Throughout the year, different sections of a tree can grow at different times. The bulk of foliage development occurs throughout the spring, while trunk growth will follow in summer while roots grow through the winter and autumn months. For tree planting Phoenix customers trust, this makes the end of the year a great time.

Our Tree Planting Techniques

We are experts in planting trees of different species, choosing the best planting areas to break ground, and placing them in position. Whether you want to plant palm trees or other native trees, our team uses the most suitable tools to excavate, maneuver the tree, and finish the task. This can vary from manual drilling to machines being used. For large specimens, we may also use cranes to raise them into place. 

Our experts from CGL Landscaping are well alert to your practices and the status of the surrounding areas. With minimum disturbance and leaving as little mess as possible, we will try to finish the planting work on time.

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