We Keep Balance Between the Hardscapes and the Softscapes

There are so many ways that CGL Landscaping can help our customers and property owners use their landscapes to achieve their targets. We work in perfect harmony with the hardscape in Phoenix and the soft scape. Hardscaping plays an important role in the business and home landscape, ensuring that tenants can enjoy a peaceful time in a healthy and convenient setting or a short walk out on a lovely day. Whether you own a retail shopping centre seeking to maintain secure parking and footpaths in order to expose the mood of the buying, an industrial estate where the tidy, secure, professional landscape is a top priority for truck delivery and pedestrians, a hotel, with the main focus of having an inviting and pleasing atmosphere to capture the attention of lodgers and keeping them away from competitors. Or you own a multi-family condominium that needs to have that eye-pleasing curb appeal while providing a welcoming space for current and potential residents. 


Incredible Hardscape Design in Phoenix, Az

CGL Landscaping specializes in the confidence of Phoenix hardscapes for longevity, elegance and construction of your residence. For all your outdoor entertainment areas, our hardscape features complete patio extensions and decking. You’ve got nothing to lose for a free consultation. In a tough environment, choices, and the construction phase, we’ll talk about what you’re looking for. Hardscapes appreciated by Phoenix property owners come through the teamwork, expertise, and commitment to craftsmen of our landscapers. 

A fusion of desert hardscape and soft scape attracts wildlife naturally and also helps to conserve water. Prove to be part of a supportive community and get more information on our desert landscape services today.

Outdoor Flooring and Desert Hardscape Phoenix Az

We use conventional construction materials such as gravel paths and walls made of adobe-mud or dry-stacked stone for a classic Southwest look. For a striking hardscape style, many contemporary landscapes blend traditional elements with more innovative materials, such as Cor-Ten steel and poured concrete. Discover how beautiful your landscape looks with stunning landscaping rocks in Phoenix.

Hardscapes will give you plenty of outdoor space for entertainment with the right design and installation. Hardscapes Phoenix ecosystems also add to your plants’ defence. When plants are grown, root systems may split, contribute to clumping and foreign contaminants in the soil itself. Our hardscape in Phoenix, Az, helps to sustain a green, stable, and majestic landscape.

We sell Phoenix companies and homeowners depending on full hardcover items. This includes floors, pavers, maçonnery, travertine tiles, flagstone, and several other items. We can build everything you can think. Your attitude should contain the stunning hardscape Phoenix deserves. The aesthetics of a complicated painting are all contributed by the colour, textures and style. We are going to help you build the ultimate customized desert hardscape in Phoenix and make it alive.

Pavers Design and Installation

When it comes to pavers, hardscape in Phoenix depends upon CGL Landscaping. We have the potential to create a stunning template, whether it’s for your backyard or front yard scenery. Our landscapers have been paving for over years of practical experience. There are hundreds of reasons to pick us in Phoenix for your top pavers in Phoenix. 

Whether you need a driveway, a lane, an outdoor courtyard or some other challenging place, pavers are a perfect option. There are some of the reasons for choosing these precious stones:



The pavers can withstand the mass of a crowd of cars on the driveway and are very durable. In case it gets damaged, you can quickly replace them.

Simple maintenance

Pavers can be cleaned easily, particularly when sealed. This ensures that it is very easy to keep your outdoor space in perfect condition.

Nothing like our beautiful all-travertine stone pavers would maximize the appeal of your outdoor entrances, patios, pool decks and/or walkways. And while they can make every outdoor room look colder during the humid desert summers, they will also keep your feet much cooler.

CGL Landscaping provides a large range of travertine landscaping rocks in Phoenix! We also provide three-piece travertine patterns that come in a variety of colors and are installed professionally by our expertise.

Our travertine pavers are incredibly robust and very cheap, so there is literally no valid excuse not to apply them to your outdoor environment to look superb.