While not as flamboyant as a cottage garden or as green as a tropical garden, desert landscaping has an inherent charm and character born from a tough climate and surroundings. You can make your backyard or front yard look natural with rocks which are a natural element in a desert landscape. It is also an easy and low-maintenance way to spruce up your home’s curb appeal. 

The desert landscaping concept is growing in popularity, especially in the Southwestern areas in the U.S. This is also because traditional landscaping cannot survive water shortage conditions that have become quite common over the past few years. The limitation on watering landscapes will make the plants die in the scorching heat of Arizona in summers. You may be unaware that one single foot of grass needs more than 55 gallons of water every year to survive. In order to do our part for the environment and to save water for drinking purposes desert landscaping in Phoenix calcareous rock much more common.

As a result, CGL Landscaping provides ways to create beautiful and stunning desert landscaping Phoenix, AZ  property owners have come to love. With desert landscaping, it is easy to create yard spaces without many water reliant plants and elements that may consume excessive amounts of water. We use combinations of ground coverings that need little to no water like:


Crushed stone

Artificial Turf


We arrange to mix these elements with desert plants in such a way that it turns into an appealing desert classic landscaping in Phoenix, Az. Along with a beautiful and enjoyable place, your desert landscaping would entail:

Little to no water

Low maintenance

Low cost