You need patience, effort, and the right weather conditions to grow a lawn from grass seeds. In Arizona’s dry desert climate, this can be a major concern for property owners who want to have a lush green lawn despite the blistering high temperatures that can occur during the year. A sod lawn is a popular type of lawn for your landscape, is easier to establish than seed, has instant appeal, and is more affordable than artificial turf. Sod is a pre-grown grass that comes in 2 feet by 5 feet in rolls. For up to 2 inches of soil intact, farmers harvest the grass in these strips so that the soil, root systems, and grass remain together like a mat. You may buy it by pallet, and the roll value of a pallet typically occupies 400-500 square feet. It is available in mid and high grades. An alternate name for this is “turf,” but this is often widely used to refer to installations of artificial grass.

Our sod installation Phoenix experts have years of experience in the cultivation of gorgeous, healthy lawns for our clients. Our experts install strips of pre-grown grass on uncovered and treated soil during sodding. The Phoenix sod sets up within 2-3 weeks and produces a lush green lawn immediately. This grass is cultivated by our experienced farmers and harvested on farms throughout Arizona. Look no further than CGL Landscaping for your sod installation in Phoenix.

Why Choose CGL Grass SOD in Phoenix?

There are many benefits of choosing sod Phoenix residents love. Selecting the right type of sod that works for your climate and providing all the unique elements specific to your individual needs.

CGL Phoenix Sod reduces heat

Sod absorbs heat and brings the temperature down to 10 to 30 degrees, creating cooling effects than other landscaping material. With CGL Landscaping Phoenix sod in your garden, you can build natural balance against the sizzling Arizona sun.

Adds Value to Your Phoenix Home

We provide sod Phoenix, Az homeowners love because installing sod can increase your property’s curb appeal, which in turn enhances the overall value of your property by 15 to 20 percent. Clean and soft grass is appealing to potential buyers and customers and to property buyers who have small children who would like to play around in the yard.

Sod Controls Erosion

From the moment sod is installed, it is fully matured. This means that it roots itself deep within the dirt and starts controlling erosion. If your land is steep, stabilization can be quickly mounted on a hillside and stop puddling and pooling when it rains.

Sod Reduces Noise Pollution

Sound reduction is a good reason for sod installation Phoenix property owners can consider. When you have grass sod in Phoenix installed at the exterior of your property, it becomes a barrier to sound and reduces traffic sound.

SOD Repair

 The easiest way to fix bare spots on a lawn is to do so at the start of new lawn development. However, you can fix naked spots by using the SOD installation Phoenix locals trust. A successful rule of thumb is to water your sod or seed repair for at least forty five minutes after it is first laid, until the ground two inches below the sod is good and soaked. Then, water it twice a day for fifteen minutes for two weeks (if no rain), and continue until you are confident that the patch is firmly rooted. Also, keep people and plants off the sod until about two weeks have passed, to prevent damage to the newly formed root system.

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