Pavers and hardscapes are modular natural stone or concrete products. Pioneer carries many varieties of pavers and hardscapes, both manufactured in-house and provided by our strategic partners. In addition to concrete pavers, Pioneer also carries several varieties of travertine and porcelain tiles.

Flagstone is flat, sedimentary stone that is used in pathways, benches, tables, and veneers that comes in many different colors and textures. Building stone, or stripstone, is stone cut into modular shapes to be used for building walls and landscape features. Dimensional stone is any stone cut to exact measurements or dimensions and used for flooring, stepping stones, and English gardens.

Landscaping Ledgestone is crafted from a variety of natural stone ranging from slate to marble. Often cut into panel and block shapes to be used in various cladding and structural projects for both indoors and outdoors. Ledgestone is very versatile and can be used for back splashes, column cladding, accent walls, and even as shower and tub surrounds.

Moss rock is a type of flagstone or sandstone, usually with brown and red color hues, that is covered in types of moss and lichen. With the variety of colors and shapes, moss rock can be used to add texture and color to any landscape.

Wall kits come with everything necessary to make it easy to design and implement a garden or patio wall with ease. They can be used to create sturdy borders or elevated garden beds quickly.

Allan Block is the nation’s premier retaining wall. Pioneer carries a variety of other garden wall, retaining wall, and decorative wall materials for garden beds, seat walls, and patios. Wall blocks come in diverse colors and sizes to go with any design. The collections range from tan blocks to red and grey.

Sand is a washed product sourced from riverbeds. It can be used for a range of purposes from mortar and stucco, to golf course bunkers and top dressing. Aggregates are small to medium river rocks that are derived from river beds and washes. Aggregates are used for a variety of purposes from wells, pathways, mixes, and drainage.

Breeze, or also known as minus, are products used in erosion control and pathways and are typically coupled with rip rap or blending agents. It comes in a variety of colors from gold, rose, and even grey to fit a variety of designs.