Breeze, or also known as minus, are products used in erosion control and pathways and are typically coupled with rip rap or blending agents. It comes in a variety of colors from gold, rose, and even grey to fit a variety of designs.

Gravel, commonly used in erosion control and pathways, comes in a variety of sizes and colors to fit any landscaping project including driveways and walkways.

Sand is a washed product sourced from riverbeds. It can be used for a range of purposes from mortar and stucco, to golf course bunkers and top dressing. Aggregates are small to medium river rocks that are derived from river beds and washes. Aggregates are used for a variety of purposes from wells, pathways, mixes, and drainage.

Rip rap is a larger decorative rock ranging from a 3″ – 12″+. Think of them as mini-boulders. Due to its various color combinations, rip rap is used for decorative purposes, like creating river beds, but it is most often used for erosion control.