Accessories are needed along with main materials to make a lasting project. You are going to need the right accessories for the job and Pioneer carries many varieties to assist with any project. From stabilizers and sealers to infill, Pioneer is your partner in outdoor living.

Artificial grass (often called artificial turf or synthetic grass) is a great way to keep a yard beautifully green and maintenance-free all year, while saving water. Pioneer offers several varieties of American-made artificial grass and infill products to accommodate nearly any design and with a 10 year warranty, you can enjoy your landscape with peace of mind for years to come.

Allan Block is the nation’s premier retaining wall. Pioneer carries a variety of other garden wall, retaining wall, and decorative wall materials for garden beds, seat walls, and patios. Wall blocks come in diverse colors and sizes to go with any design. The collections range from tan blocks to red and grey.

Boulders come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. Some boulders are naturally formed and quarried – often called surface boulders. Surface boulders and other natural boulder types are characterized by “round” edges and are smoother. Other boulders are manufactured and made to match the many decorative rock colors Pioneer offers and have more defined edges.

Breeze, or also known as minus, are products used in erosion control and pathways and are typically coupled with rip rap or blending agents. It comes in a variety of colors from gold, rose, and even grey to fit a variety of designs.

Decorative glass comes from recycled glass that is sorted into like colors, melted down, fractured, sized and tumbled. It is a great product for fire pits and planters as it adds a pop of color to any landscape.

Decorative landscape rock is an excellent choice for most Southwestern landscapes. The geological diversity found in the western United States allows for a colorful design aesthetic – there are literally hundreds of colors and sizes of decorative rock. Decorative rock is often used in xeriscaping or in low-water landscapes as a means of both conservation and beautification.

Edging is used to create barriers for garden beds, pathways, and walkways. Use it to separate different areas and styles, from tile to grass, allowing for more creativity in your landscape. Edging is generally pliable and easy to install. Epic Edge is made of recycled material in order to not rot like wood edging, but is just as sturdy and flexible enough to be used with rounded designs.

Flagstone is flat, sedimentary stone that is used in pathways, benches, tables, and veneers that comes in many different colors and textures. Building stone, or stripstone, is stone cut into modular shapes to be used for building walls and landscape features. Dimensional stone is any stone cut to exact measurements or dimensions and used for flooring, stepping stones, and English gardens.

Gravel, commonly used in erosion control and pathways, comes in a variety of sizes and colors to fit any landscaping project including driveways and walkways.

Landscape fabric is the ultimate tool in the fight against weeds. Fabric, when used as a barrier between the soil and decorative rock or mulch, helps to allow soil to breathe but prevents unsightly weeds from coming to the surface. Fabric also does not break down like plastics.

You are going to need the right landscape tools for your next landscaping project and Pioneer carries many varieties to assist any outdoor project. From rakes and shovels to shears, Pioneer is your partner in outdoor living.

Moss rock is a type of flagstone or sandstone, usually with brown and red color hues, that is covered in types of moss and lichen. With the variety of colors and shapes, moss rock can be used to add texture and color to any landscape.

Pavers and hardscapes are modular natural stone or concrete products. Pioneer carries many varieties of pavers and hardscapes, both manufactured in-house and provided by our strategic partners. In addition to concrete pavers, Pioneer also carries several varieties of travertine and porcelain tiles.

Playground materials are a relatively diverse set of products ranging from playground surfacing materials, like engineered wood fiber, to artificial grass. Strict standards for child safety require additional levels of certification and care, such as IPEMA-certification or special specification guidelines on certain products.

Railroad ties are upcycled from their traditional use along railroads to landscapes across the Southwest. Timbers are environmentally friendly treated wood that resist decay making them ideal for outdoor structures. RR ties and timbers have many uses, including retaining walls, parking curb stops, borders and fence posts.

Rip rap is a larger decorative rock ranging from a 3″ – 12″+. Think of them as mini-boulders. Due to its various color combinations, rip rap is used for decorative purposes, like creating river beds, but it is most often used for erosion control.

River rock and cobble share one very important feature – they are naturally smoother or round in texture and appearance, as they have been shaped by the forces of water and friction for thousands of years. Beach pebbles are found in river bottoms, lakes, streams, and are often washed up on beaches around the world.

Rock salt products are utilized to induce the quick thawing of ice and snow during winter months or inclement weather. They can be used on both commercial and residential projects.

Sand is a washed product sourced from riverbeds. It can be used for a range of purposes from mortar and stucco, to golf course bunkers and top dressing. Aggregates are small to medium river rocks that are derived from river beds and washes. Aggregates are used for a variety of purposes from wells, pathways, mixes, and drainage.

Architectural products are usually dimensional or engineered for specific landscape uses or kits. Items like pre-cast or wet-cast stone, veneers, and outdoor living kits are engineered for easy installation.

Topsoil is the clean, upper layer of soil. Topsoil is rich in organic content, which makes it easy for plants to grow. It is often used as a sod underlayment and in garden beds. Dirt is exactly what it sounds like! It can have many particle sizes and is often referred to as “fill dirt”.

Wall kits come with everything necessary to make it easy to design and implement a garden or patio wall with ease. They can be used to create sturdy borders or elevated garden beds quickly.