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Some home buyers don’t have a lot of money to spend on landscaping, so they may not take advantage of all the benefits that come with having a beautiful yard. But there are still ways to make your yard look great without breaking the bank. Here are some inexpensive and easy ways you can spruce up your property:

Natural Plants

One of the best ways to save money on landscaping is to use native plants rather than exotic varieties. Native plants tend to be cheap, easy-to-care for and they fit in with the landscape naturally. As you’re planning your landscaping, consider using local plants and flowers instead of more expensive imports. When it’s time to prune your trees or shrubs, give them a haircut that lets them keep their natural shape – this will help them look cheaper as well as more attractive.

Garden Artwork

Artwork can be very expensive — unless you create it yourself! Instead of spending big bucks on fancy metal sculptures created by renowned artists, why not make your own sculptures from items found around the house? There are lots of ways to create garden art, from using tin cans, broken china and coffee cups to make mosaics to decorate your yard, or wooden pallets that you can use to build benches or arbors.

Add A Bird Bath and Feeder

Bird feeders and baths are inexpensive and easy to find, but they add beauty to your landscaping. A bird bath adds a touch of elegance that can work with any decor — you can even make one from old pots or small garden ornaments. Bird feeders are a good way to bring nature into your yard without adding a lot of expensive landscaping features.

Use Stones

Instead of spending big bucks on landscaping products, you can decorate your yard with a few good-sized stones or landscape bricks. You can use these items in several different ways to save money and make your yard more attractive. For instance, you may want to build a stone wall around the perimeter of your property or use them as stepping stones near your entranceway. Landscape bricks are another type of material that’s often used for walkways or patios — they’re easy to install and much cheaper than actual bricks or pavers.

Trickle Irrigation

If you’re on a tight budget, avoid installing traditional sprinkler systems. Instead, opt for trickle irrigation — it’s cheaper and will still keep your lawn green and healthy throughout the hot summer months. Landscaping with a drip hose is easy to do yourself, but if you aren’t up to the task, hire an expert landscaper to assist you with the installation process.


A layer of mulch can do wonders for your yard. It helps maintain moisture in the soil, reduces weed growth and helps keep your lawn looking fresh and healthy throughout the hottest months of summer. Mulch is usually pretty affordable, and with a bit of creativity you can make your own by using natural objects like pine cones, dried leaves or even seaweed.

Create Your Landscape Plan

There’s nothing worse than planning a new landscaping project only to find that it doesn’t fit into your budget. To prevent this from happening, come up with an outline plan first before getting down to the nitty gritty details. Visit websites such as Large Landscaping Ideas if you want inspiration for designing cheap but attractive garden plans. As you come up with your plan, keep in mind the materials you have on hand and the money you’re willing to spend. If it makes financial sense for you to do so, try using recycled materials like old tires or metal pieces from a junk yard instead of regular landscape products.


You can reduce your waste and help save money by composting at home. Compost is a natural, organic fertilizer that you can create from things such as grass clippings, leaves and kitchen scraps. Not only is it good for the environment — it’s also great for your plants! It’s not hard to do: just mix your yard debris with soil or sawdust in a separate pile, keep it moist and turn it regularly until it breaks down.

Add Benches

Benches and other types of outdoor seating are a great way to make your yard comfier and more relaxing. Landscapers often charge a lot of money for these items, but you can create them on your own for next to nothing by salvaging wood pallets from local businesses or building them yourself out of wood that you purchase in bulk. You can also find affordable patio furniture (or even free furniture) at secondhand stores in your area, so be sure to check those places out before spending extra money on brand-new pieces.

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