It’s better to choose a monetization model in the early stages to avoid rebuilding a certain part of the app’s logic. Yet, you can A/B test different strategies if you’re not sure which one suits better. The thumbnail of your video preview must be enticing in order to get potential users to click on it. Regardless of the App Store, you’re posting in, this thumbnail image may be the first image users will see on your app’s page. Rightfully so, this image heavily influences your visitors’ first impressions, so make your choice wisely.

how to create a video app

For long-term or more critical projects, you can also avail the affordable paid plans on the tool. Please check InVideo’s pricing to know more about the costs. With advancements in technology, creating videos has been made easier with online video editing tools. Time has become a significant factor in the video production industry due to enormous demand. Online video editors help you optimize time when making a video.

Tech Challenges Of Developing A Video Editing App

Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, TikTok videos – we have a video template for all trending categories. Start your video creation on pre-made templates for a seamless and simplified video editing experience. Our wonderfully talented creators are here to show you what’s possible with Splice. Check out some of our community best edits on our social media channels. Don’t forget to share your own using #spliceapp. Tap Select on the upper right corner to select the photos and videos you want to include in your slideshow.

how to create a video app

In this article, we’ll discuss how to make a video editing app, how much it may cost, and what pitfalls you may face during app development. These are some of the best photo editing apps for iPhones that will assist you in creating a wide variety of different styles of photo slideshow with music. Creating a slideshow and pairing it with a tune you love can be a great way to preserve your fondest memories of an event that has a special meaning for you.

If you’re choosing professionals to help you in the video creation process, the charges vary according to the individual or agency’s policies. However, you can lower the cost when making videos yourself and even make this work free of charge. InVideo can be a great option when planning to economize your video production process. You can simply opt for the free plan for one-time projects and access multiple templates, stock media, and comprehensible editing features at 0 cost.

Before applying your idea, you should write out a list of features. All features can be divided into MVP and Additional features. Video editing app development is a long and complicated process that requires taking a lot of decisions.

Customize With Video Effects

Despite the fact that the free version of the app is available, an in-app purchase must be made to remove the watermark. You can make a photo slideshow of your photos and videos in Photos to share it on social media or view it at any time. Never thought that video editing app development takes so much time — especially a color correction and transition settings development. Video editing app development can take a while. In fact, the more features you want to implement, the longer the development process will take. It’s a pretty rare monetization model but sometimes may be found among the video editing apps.

how to create a video app

Thousands of companies use Synthesia to create training, how-to, or product explainer videos. Save up to 90% of your time and budget, and frankly — quite some nerves. It can be difficult to manage the orientation of videos and photos. They can turn over, especially if the development goes simultaneously how to create a video app with an Android version. If Android development suffers from missing features and constant work with render performance, iOS development requires precise development of the editing process. In the development of such functionality, it’s critical to understand which actions can be canceled.

In this short guide, you’ll get five easy tips on how to create an amazing app preview video that will surely increase your downloads. Create and localise training videos in 60+ languages, without actors, voiceovers or post-production. For beginners and pros alike — it’s never been easier to create professional videos.

For example, InVideo offers users templates that further simplify and speed up the process. All you need to do is select a relevant template, edit it, and voila! However, making a video is often an individualized process. It can vary due to the video length, techniques applied, etc. Therefore, making a video can take five mins-5hours.

There is an Audio library which provides several different style music for you to choose. Besides, it supports importing photos from various devices, including iPhone and iPad. You can’t create a video editing app without defining its features.

Online Video Editor For Easy Video Editing

Get the best tunes from our expansive audio library. Create and share videos wherever you want, whenever you want, in just a few taps. Videos with Synthesia avatars or upload a custom avatar to the platform. From studios, cameras and mics to a simple web app.

This photo video slideshow maker provides excellent editing tools and effects and music for creating a photo slideshow. There are more than 30+ filters, 20+ effects, 50+ unique shapes, and 100+ stickers in this app. You can add themes with effects, texts, and stickers to make a unique story. This iOS app is a real gem among other video editing apps. It’s an all-purpose app where users can add text with various fonts, tweak transitions, arrange video clips, apply different effects, and add music tracks.

This number consists of development time multiplied on average hourly rate in Estonia ($50/h). Approximate estimate of video editing app development. Ready-made solutions are the best choice to implement different filters in the video editing app. But there is a chance of encountering a problem when the necessary filters aren’t in the library or OpenGL is used. The latter is a powerful tool that lets developers do almost anything, but takes a lot of time.

Auto crop or Pan and Zoom photos to fit project ratio. This estimate is approximate and based on the MVP features that were mentioned before. Additional features can bring more complex and unique functionality. These features can be implemented in further updates after the MVP release. In five years, the share of video traffic has grown by 16%.


Splice’s remarkably intuitive look and feel makes video editing accessible to everyone. Amateurs looking to shoot, edit, and share can create something spectacular in next to no time. All the power of a desktop video editor—in the palm of your hand. When professional content creators and influencers need their videos to stand out on social media, they rely on Splice. Above are some of the best apps to make photos with music on iPhone, if you need other solutions, check our picks of best video makers with music for iOS and Android. Apple has added the Memories feature in the Photos app since iOS 10.

IPhone’s Photos app enables its users to create slideshows with music effortlessly, but if you want some more advanced features, you will need other third-party apps. In this article, we will explore some of the latest apps on the App Store that can be used on almost any iPhone model including iPhone 11 to create a slideshow. I run into the problem of choosing the right monetization model for my video editing app. It’s surprising that subscription model is so popular among the other apps. The development of video editing app with MVP features only will cost $33,500.

how to create a video app

You can adjust the slideshow’s length, trim out unwanted part, change the aspect ratio, add stickers and texts. And then select the music and trim it accordingly to save it on iPhone or share to Instagram or YouTube directly. Since we’re talking about video editing app development, your target audience will more likely be into sports, travels, active hobbies, video blogging, and so on. Market analysis is an essential step in video editing app development. Before you determine how your app will look like and what features it’ll have, you should get acquainted with well-established players on this market. This’ll help you to understand your competitors, see what problems they solve, and what features they offer to users.

Select From 45+ Ai Avatars To Act As Presenters In Your Video

Video editing app development is not an easy process. IOS app development varies from Android app development drastically. Developers must solve a lot of tech challenges that you should be aware of as a product owner. Your friends and family may use various video editing apps.

After selecting all photos and videos, tap the Share icon at the left bottom of the screen. Exclusive transitions that fits for photo slideshows. Defining your monetization model is your next step.

Tips For Creating A Successful App Video Preview

After that users can edit videos with 28 adjustable templates and apply them to their videos. Besides, they can add customizable titles, filters, trims, and photos. This photo slideshow app provides adventure, birthday, family, or vintage slideshow styles, and filters, and transitions. Creating a photo slideshow is easy in this app, pick up your photos and videos first, and then select moods, style.

The main task is to collect all functions into a single mechanism that will combine all user actions and apply them to the video. Messapps is a full service app development company that provides app development, design and consulting services for those who want to be successful. Half of the potential users will decide whether they’ll install your app or not within the first 5 seconds of looking at your app’s page. Today, it takes more than a few screenshots in the App Store to attract users. You can’t forget about the ability to post a short video, one that effectively portrays the benefits your app can bring. Our mission is to simplify video content production, using Artificial Intelligence.

Having effective and standout Call To Actions on your video leads to engaging videos. With Lay’s, UNIT9 and 180Amsterdam we created a personalised video experience for the global campaign featuring Lionel Messi. Get instant access to professionally designed templates, a text-to-speech engine, AI avatars, a screen recorder, and more. Create high-quality videos for employee onboarding, meetings, or team updates.

The Memories will display curated collections of significant people, place and holidays automatically. If you want to have full control and more advanced editing options, we recommend using Filmoraon desktop [Windows & Mac] to help you make slideshows. Filmora has more than 150 effects to beautify your slideshow.

Since iMovie was made by Apple, it’s available on iOS and macOS. Users can easily transfer their projects among all Apple devices via iCloud or Airdrop. In our latest article, we’re talking about its must-have features, tech stack, and much more. Showcase all the benefits and advantages of your app/game in a quick, creative manner.

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